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"Development process"

Offers a variety of encoders, sensors Solutions

2004 —— Build Tofi brand 

2005 ——  Found Shanghai Tofi Industry Technology Co.,ltd 

2006 —— Eastablish Changchun Branch,responsible for the R&D,production of sensors and

encoders,  also responsible for the sales operations of the three province in Northeast. 

2007 —— Release ETF100-HT series and successfully applied in the industries of elevator,

lifting,engineering   and construction. 

2008 —— Release ETF105-H,ETF99-H series heavy-duty encoders,applied in the harsh

environment industries   such as metallurgy,energy. 

2009 —— Eastablish Changsha office,release the long-distance diffuse photoelectric

DF72 series,applied in  collecting the entry signal of the saving escalators. 

2010 —— Release DV52-UE series slotted optical switch,used for elevator’s leveling

control,and it becomes   thepreferred products of many domestic elevator manufactures. 

2012 —— Set up Shanghai Joint electric Co.,ltd,responsible for import and export business,

and set sales office  in Guangzhou. 

2013 —— Set up Chengdu office,join in China Elevator Association,

Release EDK100 series huge hollow shaft  encoder,protect class up to IP66,used for harsh environment.

2014 ——BDEXX series solid shaft and hollow shaft explosion-proof encoder

get the intrinsically safe and dust   EX certification